What is the winery’s address?

107 E. Bridge Street
Granbury, Texas 76048

What is the phone number?



What are the options for parking?

There are spaces available in the Granbury Square around the courthouse. In addition…

• Granbury City Hall 116 W Bridge St, Granbury, TX 76048
• E. Pearl St. Parking. Just east of the Square there is parking available on your right on E. Pearl St.
• Remote Parking. This parking lot has 82 spaces available. It is free to the public. You will find it adjacent to Shanley Park. It is located on Rucker St., between Houston St. and Crockett St.
• Overflow Parking. This lot is available across the street from the Granbury Convention Center adjacent to Hewlett Park on E. Pearl St.

Are children allowed at D’Vine Wine of Granbury?

Yes, the winery is family friendly.

What does varietal mean and what is a vintner?

A Varietal describes a wine made primarily from a single named grape variety, and which typically displays the name of that variety on the wine label.  Examples of grape varieties commonly used in varietal wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot. Wines that display the name of two or more varieties on their label, such as a Chardonnay-Viognier, are blends and not varietal wines. The vintner is the nice smile on the other side of counter who makes, blends and pours your wine otherwise known as a wine merchant or wine seller.

What is a tasting flight?

When referring to wine, a tasting flight is a term used by wine tasters to describe a selection of wines, usually between three and eight glasses, presented for the purpose of sampling and comparison.

How many ounces is a tasting of wine?

¾ of one ounce.

Besides taste, what else is it that I am supposed to be looking for?

Wine Tasting can be broken down into 7 simple stages:

1. Appearance

2. “in glass” the aroma of the wine

3. “in mouth” sensations

4. “finish” (aftertaste)

… These stages are combined in order to establish the following properties of a wine:

5. complexity and character

6. potential (suitability for aging or drinking)

7. possible faults

Do you offer anything besides wine?

In a sense… We also offer fruit flavored and seasonal wine-a-ritas to enjoy in the store or to take with you as you stroll around the square.  However cool these delicious treats are, keep in mind that they are wine-based.

What is the difference between a winery and a vineyard?

A Winery

A winery is technically a term called to a place where harvested grapes are segregated, cleaned, processed, fermented, aged in oak barrels, and labeled to become the perfect wine you desired it to be. It is a production plant for making wine and is the place where every part of the wine-making process is done. It is also the place where grapes are bottled before distributing to wine resellers.

A Vineyard

A vineyard is where grapes are planted. In this yard, people grow the grape vines in acres of land and this area of land may be large estates or just an acre where the main purpose is planting grapevines for wine making. No other plants may be cultivated in a vineyard except grape-bearing vines, although not only wine may be produced but also grape products such as raisins or table grapes.